Artist Statement

In my new collection, I use the theme “musicians.” I am expressing icons through inspirations of pop art with mixed media.

Artists who inspire me in these series are: Andy Warhol, Paola Gonzalez, Noe Two, Clause Costa. My goal as an artist is to paint something joyful and positive on the canvas. I want to be spontaneous and create a dialogue between viewer and painting which is light and easy, not too serious.

To express joy, I use bright colors and consciously paint them next to each other in an unconventional way to get the right combination of color, shape, and brushstrokes, so the painting will speak to the viewer like poetry. My brushstrokes are energetic and free. It is very important that the painting is alive. My artwork has turned out well when it has lively brushstrokes and vibrant colors next to each other in a direct imaginative language. I use pink, yellow and orange to get light into the painting. I try to use thick paint strokes next to glazed clear colors. I was taught to paint fast and loose when I was young and still gain advantage of this education. My favorite material is acrylic paint because of the gloss and because it dries fast so I can go over it. All my paintings have one or more other paintings underneath, I make changes to combine new ideas with old ones When I paint, I have to know exactly what I am doing and work fast and confident because spontaneous touch is important to me.